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Booster Club Meeting Minutes






 Officer Meeting July 1, 2018

6:30 PM 


2018-2019 Election Results Complete for new officers chosen.  All 4 board members voted yes to the following to adding new VP after previous VP Jenny Robor fulfilled president position on June 1st after resignation of last years president.

Jennifer Robor - President

Leslie Tipton - Vice President

Mellisa Lampugnano - Secretary

Tracey Batten - Treasurer

Constance Harriford - Sponsorship Coordinator

Planning a parent meeting for end of July early Aug depending on when majority of team returns from vacation.

Level 4/5 schedule released for meet season in fall.

In house meet changed to level 4/5 only per coaches request.

New team warm up jacket agreed upon by officers and sizing beginning in July.


 Parent Meeting Jan 10, 12, & 13, 2018

6:30 PM 


Volunteers needed-sign up being released soon for Conquistador Classic

Went over website location and account details how to check your balance.

Need more sponsorship's please help collect sponsors.

Election time approaching nomination forms will be coming out shortly you need to nominations to run for office position and one can be yourself.

Positions available in vote:

President (current Julia Simon and she is running again)

Vice President (Vacant)

Secretary (current is Melissa Lampugnano and she is running again)

Treasurer (current is Tracey Batten and she is running again)

Sponsorship Coordinator (Vacant)

Please be thinking of who would would like to nominate to add to voting ballot.

All meet deadline came early this year registrations were due mostly in December causing major stress for parents.  Try to add meet funds to your account early next year in preparation by adding over the summer.

Reminder all fees are due before registration can be completed including tuition paid to Heather.  Make sure to notify us if you know you are going to not attend a meet before coaches fees are sent out  since one the email of the amount of coaches fees are sent out then you are responsible for paying and they are not refunded.  We do not refund once you know the amount except for in case of injury.

Sponsors needed for the 2017-2018 season

Treasury Report Given



Simon (Ferris)











Full list coming soon



 Parent Meeting Jun 21 & 23, 2017

6:30 PM 


Volunteers needed-sign up being released soon

In House Meet will be Oct and Dec

USAG Fall meet schedule released for Level 4/5 & Xcel

USAG Spring meet schedule will be released late fall.

AAU meet schedule is released for all levels.

Level 6&Up Girls will be receiving a larger bag for competitions coaches are approving new size and style.

Competition Uniforms will be ordered early July.

1st half of competition leotard due July 10th. ($112)

2nd half of competition leotard due when shipped (around August 15th $113)

Warm up Jackets are required and will be ordered Mid July Money due by July 24th ($75)

Warm Up Capri's are optional to purchase price coming soon will be ordered late July.

Sponsors needed for the 2017-2018 season

Treasury Report Given

List of fees for team handout was given out Meet Registrations are non refundable must provide doctors note in an attempt for a refund.  Coaches fees once billed are non refundable unless injury.  

Email or see front desk for copy of handouts.


Tracey Batten

Julia Simon (Ferris)

Melissa Lampugnano

Lisa Sowers

Jacquelyn Woodley

Carly Reynolds

Amanda Miles

Jennifer Lawrence

Jackie Grant

Allison Geiger

Emily Frazier

Rochelle Piersall

Melanie San Jose

Christina Alpert

Kim Rigdon

Erin Mount

Sommer Escamilla

Phillip Lavallee

Lisa McEwen

Jennifer Zacharias

Lisa Fioravant

Enochia Anderson

Jenny Robor

Lee Burkett

Laura Carter

Marci Laurenson

Elizabeth Gaffney



 Parent Meeting Dec 27 & 28, 2016

5 PM and 6:00 PM


5K " Flip for Fun-Goal 100 Runners- Current almost 60

We need everyone to promote price is Dec 31st $25/$30

Volunteers needed-sign up soon

1 Water Stop in a stratigic location

Certified & Chipped - Explained meaning - guarantees time, pace & distance

Vendors need about 30 for post race fun - $50 per space 8x10

Food trucks welcome - $50 per space 8x10

Taping will be provided by Chiropractors

Took a look at vendors already signed up.  Will not sign up more than one vendor from same company.


In House Meet

Volunteer Sheet Coming Soon


Conquistador Classic- Newly added meet

Volunteer to make money four your childs account


Treasury Report-Click Here to See


Website Overview - how to navigate


Meet Registrations  and coaches fees explained are non refundable unless injury.  


Thanks to volunteers for Santa and last meet.



Joanna Smith

Tracey Batten

Melissa Pullen

Julia Simon

Lauren Beardsley

Tammy Panczuk

Margo Meyer

Enochia Anderson

Sarah & Charlie Anderson

Lisa McEwen

Kim Rigdon

Kendra Campbell

Margatet Wiggs

Katie Baston

Susan Audet

Tammy & Rick Villarreal

Fran Cannon

Amanda Miles

Christina Alpert

Melissa Lampugnano

Emily Frazier

Sonia Lavin



WGVABC Parent Meeting Sept 6&7, 2016

5 PM and 6:45 PM



Sponsorships/Fundraisers – Lauren/Julia

In-house meet – October 22-23 – In-House Meet (USAG sanctioned)   

We will still have the WGV Tropical in January as well.

5-K Race –  moved to Jan 7th ( Need Sponsers for this event)

Yankee Candle packets are located at front desk to take.

Pizza and Hot Dog night volunteers needed contact Julia.


Treasury report – Tracey

Booster will cover USAG membership fees & AAU membership fees – credit difference to those competing AAU only; USAG parents pay $14 for AAU membership fee

Leotard & warm-ups

Capri orders money due Sept 15

In House meet money due Oct 1

​Capri Pants - $36 


Meet schedule

Coaches will approve girls who are allowed to compete in house and fall meets

Level 4's compete both In house meets, All Around the World, Leprechaun Classic,  All AAU Qualifiers and AAU State.



The following members were present at the meeting:






































Treasury Report Click Here


WGVABC Parent Meeting June 30, 2016

5 PM and 6 PM



Sponsorships/Fundraisers – Lauren

Tropical Smoothie Event – ASAP (July 14 – Thursday night)

Back to School Bash  – August 20   

In-house meet – October 22-23 – In-House Meet (USAG sanctioned)   

We will still have the WGV Tropical in January as well.

5-K Race – October 15


New committees to be formed:

Fundraising – Lauren

Spirit Committee – Julia


Treasury report – Tracey

Coaches training – portion of cost paid for team coaches to get training

Booster will cover USAG membership fees & AAU membership fees – credit difference to those competing AAU only; USAG parents pay $14 for AAU membership fee

Leotard & warm-ups

Pricing: Leos - $225; Jackets - $75, Pants - $35 probably

Dates for sizing: Now – July 15

Order deadline date(s): July 15

Meet schedule

Team rules and meet schedule

New score out requirements

State meet qualification score



The following members were present at the meeting:

Tracey Batten

Melissa Pullen

Lauren Beardsley

Julia Simon

Katherine Pittman

Heather Chapman

Susan Audet

Amanda Miles

Katherine Scott

Joanna Smith

Kendra Campbell

Sarah Russo

Tammy Villarreal

Rick Villarreal

Shelley Lavallee

Rachel Bortle

Enochia Anderson

Kelli Linkis

Gretchen Hamby

Jennifer Lawrence

Leslie Tipton

Emilee Crawford

Patty Shinn

Enocia Anderson



Team Rules & Level Requirements Handout


Accelerated Mobility Plan Handout


Treasury Report Click Here

2016-2017 Board Elections Results

June 15, 2016


WGVABC Meeting - 5/10/16

Tammy Villarreal opened the meeting at 6:00 PM.  

Volunteers to help with concessions for Annual Show:

Tammy requested volunteers to help with the concessions at the Annual Show at the gym this weekend on Saturday and Sunday.

2016 Team Banquet – June 5,

Tickets – Tracey explained that when everyone arrives at the banquet, they should stop and sign in and pick up raffle tickets (free).  There will be a list at the door of everyone who has paid for the banquet, and anyone who has not yet paid must pay when they arrive.

Volunteers – We need help setting up prior to the banquet and cleaning up when it is over.

Flowers for coaches – Julia volunteered to make bouquets for the coaches.

Cards for coaches – Sommer Escamilla volunteered to get cards for the coaches.

Treasury report

Tracey Batten presented the treasury report.  A copy is attached.

Elections/Nominations – Meet the candidates

Below is the list of candidates nominated for each office on the WGVABC board.  Those listed in red received two nominations but chose to decline the nomination.  The names listed in black will be on the ballot in June.  Biographies for each candidate who accepted nomination were passed around and are being e-mailed to all booster members.  


Tammy Villarreal

Julia Simon

Kendra Campbell

Melissa Pullen


Vice President

Rachelle Spencer

Melissa Pullen

Joanna Smith

Julia Simon


Melissa Pullen

Natasha Miller



Tracey Batten

Lauren Beardsley


Fundraiser/Sponsorship Coordinator

Cela Odum

Julia Simon

Lauren Beardsley



The following members were present at the meeting:

Tracey Batten

Tammy Villarreal

Melissa Pullen

Rachelle Spencer

Julia Simon

Christina Alpert

Lauren Beardsley

Katie Baston

Rachel Bortle

Rick Villarreal

Matt Jacoby

Sarah Russo

Joanna Smith

Kendra Campbell

Kim Rigdon

Sommer Escamilla

Natasha Miller

Kenneth Miller

Jenn Plappert


Canidate Newsletter Click Here


Treasury Report Click Here

WGVABC Meeting Minutes – September 9, 2015


Treasury Report – Tracey Batten


Current Account Balance: $5938.93.  A copy of the treasury report is available upon request.  Please e-mail to request a 


Sponsorships – David Luce


We need more sponsorships.  We’re at about 34% of where we would like to be with sponsorship 


So far we have received the following t- shirt sponsorships:

 Gone Bamboo – Silver

 A.D. Davis – Bronze

 Petals & Stardust – Friends

 Exchange – Friends

 Murphy Chiropractic – Bronze

 Bartram Dental – Silver


We have received the following Club level sponsorships:

 Tropical Smoothie – Silver

 Betacom – Bronze

 Zabatt – Bronze

 Hogan – Bronze

 Florida Insurance – Friends

 Murphy Chiropractic – Friends

 Rittenhouse – Bronze

 Rulon International – Bronze

 A Fun Place to Be – Friends

 Edward Jones – Friends

 Seaman’s Insurance Group – Bronze

 Caddy Shack – Pending

 Zimmerman Foundation – Pending


Sponsorships of $250 (Total) = 12 Volunteer hours for your family


We also need donations of gift cards and gift basket items.

We would like to complete all t-shirt sponsorships by October 1.


Fundraisers – Tammy Villarreal & Tracey Batten


National Gymnastics Day – Saturday, September 19, 12:30 – 3:00

National Theme: Salute – Full team photo saluting at 12:30

WGV Theme: Upside Down.  We need help getting this event together – Meeting this Friday 9/11.  Please attend or send ideas.  We will e-mail information and a specific time.  $5/kid or participating adult

This is a WGV Gymnastics fundraiser (gym, not booster club) to raise money for a chalk eater.


Fall Festival – Saturday, October 24

Games, activities, haunted maze, ect.  Need volunteers and help to organize this event

This is a WGV Gymnastics/WGVABC split fundraiser.  Proceeds will be divided among volunteers.

E-mail interest in participating, and a separate planning meeting will be scheduled for those who want to help.


Vendor Fair – No date set

Working on organizing a vendor fair at the Community Center at St. Augustine Outlets


Tropical Smoothie Spirit Night – No date set

We will choose a Saturday night before Christmas for a spirit night.  We get 15% of proceeds.

We will do another one of these in the spring.


Applebee’s Breakfast Fundraiser – try again, not on Easter weekend this year


Caddyshack – Breakfast with Santa? David is checking to see if they would be interested in hosting the event.

WGVABC Board Officer Election Results 2015-2016

June 11, 2015 at 7:30am



President-Tammy Villarreal

Vice President-Rachelle Spencer

Secretary- Melissa Pullen

Treasurer-Tracey Batten

Sponsorship Coordinator-Teresa & David Luce

WGVABC Nomination Meeting Notes


May 21, 2015 at 6:30pm


In attendance:   T.Batten,  M. Pullen, J. Valcin, D. Jacques, J. Simon, J. Plappert L. Dellbrugge, T.Villarreal, D. Luce, T. Luce, E. Lanza, B. Marco, Lally


Meeting was called to order at 6:30.


We are taking nominations for next year's board officers.  Rules were discussed about voting.

You must be present to vote

Account must be in good standing

Only one family member may vote

Voting will tentativly be held June 11th at 6:30pm.  If changed you will be notified at least 7 days in advance.

Nomination forms need to be in by May 31st.

Duties of officers were discussed and can be found in the by-laws

This was our first year as a non-profit and our first year with sponsors

Vending machine has been paying for itself last months credit card only sales were $158.  Total sales are a profit of $250 per month.

The general fund balance will go towards the end of the year party.

More lockers need to be ordered team is growing to around 74 girls come August.

Coaches remain the same for team.

Copy of treasury report was handed out.  To obtain a copy email

Fundraiser questions asked and answered.

After May 31st a sample ballot with all nominee will go out be email.

Meeting adjorned at 7:15pm


WGVABC Fundraiser Meeting Notes


February 26, 2015 at 5:30pm & March 4, 2015 at 7:15pm


In attendance:  R. Spencer, T.Batten, R. Sauceda, M. Carrigan, E. Dellenback, M. Pullen, Christina (Alpert), R.Villarreal, D. Luce, T. Luce, E. Lanza, A. Marco, B. Marco, Lally


Meeting was called to order at 5:30.


This meeting was called to discuss our upcoming Applebee’s Fundraiser.  Applebee’s does this community project for non-profits. 


The fundraiser will be April 4th at the Applebee’s located at 14560 Old St. Augustine Road.  They will prep and cook the food.  Cost is $11.00 for adults and $6.00 for children.  Menu includes three pancakes, two sausage links, scrambled eggs and beverage. We pay Applebee’s $for each ticket sold. 

If we sell 105 tickets we could make a profit of $328.00; 175 tickets is a profit of $630.00 and 300 tickets we will make $1,700.00.  We can only sell 300 tickets max.


We need at least 20 volunteers from 7:30 am to 10:00 am.  There will be a sign up sheet on the bulletin board at the gym or you can sign up online at our website.  We will seat the guests, serve food and beverages and bus the tables.  The gymnast will not be able to serve but we will need them to be greeters or to sell items at our table.  We can’t sell food but can sell anything else.


If you volunteer, your ticket is $4.00.  We would like for each gymnast family (we have 35) to sell at least 5 tickets. 

We are pre-selling them and can take cash or check made out to WGVABC.  If they would like to pay by credit card, they can go online at our WGVABC website.


There was a suggestion to sell the carwash tickets at a table. 


Applebee’s suggested that we put out signs the night before along the road.  We will need a volunteer to take this on.

Any gymnast that comes to volunteer is to wear their exhibition leo and black pants.  Volunteers need to wear WGV shirt or team colors and pants (no shorts).


Meeting adjourned at 5:50

Feb 3, 2015

Voting Results

The following 3 items were voted yes by members present during the vote with 12 out of 12 members voting yes on all three items.

Items Voted On

1. Murabella Carwash Fundraiser not supported by Booster Club.  This will be an individual fundraiser done by WGV Gymnastics Team.

2. 210 Carwash Fundraiser not supported by Booster Club.  This will be an individual fundraiser done by WGV Gymnastics Team.

3. Purchasing a Vending Machine

Meeting Minutes

Call to Order by President at 5:45


Tammy discussed that we met today because our By-laws have been approved as a non-profit.  She introduced the officers.


Tracey discussed that we are a 501C3 and can’t use money to support individual girls.  All the girls have to be treated the same.  


Major expenses this year-lockers.  The lockers belong to WGVABC, not the gym.  We can’t buy something for the gym but can purchase something for the team.


Tammy is approved to spend $1,000.00 at a time without approval from board.  Anything over that has to be voted on by board-except for meet fees that have to be paid.


To be a booster member is not mandatory.  It costs $25.00 per gymnast.  If you belong to booster club, then you get a vote.  Fees must be in good standing to have a vote. Only one person per family is allowed to vote (membership).  To be in good standing, you have to be coming to practices.


Annual meeting will be in May and we will vote for new officers.  We will attempt to have monthly meetings, especially if there is something to vote on.  April will be when we open up the ballots for officers.


Please make sure email is correct and up-to-date.  We will respond through email, so please email with any questions or concerns.

Website, please check it often.  Tracey takes care of the website.  Competition scores are on the website.  If you have registered for a meet and then decide to not attend, you will not be given your money back unless you have a doctor’s note.  Coaches fees will not be charged if you scratch the meet.  Please update child’s information on website.

Uniforms-one jacket with monogram, optional pants, WGV leo and competition leos. The bags are given to the girls.  If you leave the team, you will have to give the leo back.  You can also purchase the leo, if you’d like.  There is a buy-back program now if you want to buy a larger size leo.  The same leo and warm-ups will be used again next year.


Volunteering-We can’t make it mandatory for you to volunteer.  Gift card program is now in effect.  The more hours you put in the more chances you have to win the gift card.  Please support the team girls as much as you can.  We appreciate it.  Please make sure you put in your hours after you have worked,  on the website so you can be eligible for gift cards.  Officers are not eligible for this drawing.  


Treasury Report-Tracey audited the books from August to the present to make sure the numbers are correct.  We are in balance as of now.  Please see attached report.  If someone donates to WGVABC, it will go into the general fund and they can have a tax write off.  If you solicit money for your own daughter, it can’t be non-profit and you will have to file it on your taxes.  The money will go into your daughter’s fund.  


Fundraisers, except for Tropical Smoothie, made us: (see treasury report)

Gifts to team-includes leos and holiday party.

Sponsors-this is the money we made after we paid for the banners, etc.

$5,050.00 is needed to pay for each girl to go to state meet.  Available now we have $4,900.00 (not all can be used for this since their are other expenses).    There are 38 girls on the team.  We would love to be able to pay for each girl’s entire season.

Fundraisers as a booster club, we can’t split any of the money as a non-profit.  If it is done for WGV Gymnastics, we will then give the money to the girls who participated in the fundraiser.  We would have to vote as to whether it would be a booster fundraiser for a WGV Gymnastics fundraiser.


Sponsors can be prorated if they want to sponsor us now.  Work on sponsors before this summer.  Check the website for details for sponsors.  In the agreement for sponsors, we said we would make t-shirts with their names on them (for the higher money sponsors).  We will work with sponsors.  


We still have Usborne boxes of cards to sell.  If you would like to sell, please let Tracey know.  

Future fundraisers-A vote was taken to see if the Car Washes will be a WGVABC or WGV Gymnastics fundraiser.  

A vote was also taken to purchase a vending machine for the booster club.


Future Fundraiser ideas:


Applebee’s does a Flap Jack fundraiser.  We sell tickets, serve, etc. and get a flat fee for each ticket sale.


Your Pie-a pizza place that will let us have a fundraiser and 20% of sales will be given.


Suns-Tammy just received an email to work at games and we get 6-7% of sales from concessions.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday-sell hotdogs and/or popcorn during practice time.


Food Trucks-see if we can get food trucks here and maybe get a percentage from sales.


AAU has a new regional meet which will be in May in Daytona.  Tammy just received information and forwarded it to Heather.  A decision will be made at a later date as to whether we will attend.  


General funds can’t go into girl’s individual accounts.  At this time $100.00 has been taken off each meet for girls going, which is taken off the cost of coach’s fees.


Accounts on the website has changed a little because they were password protected.  Tracey made them more accessible.  Click on your name and the site will ask for password.  Use old password and you will have access to your individual page with accounts.  (email for password) is the password under team parent’s tab.  This tab includes the sponsors list and who is working at getting a sponsor.  


Please let Tracey know if you are working on getting a sponsor so we don’t double up on a business.


Meeting was adjourned at 7:04pm.

WGVABC Booster fundraising meeting

Advertising for craft show ( st augustine record , World golf village community news letter, neighborhood news letter , , radio station )
We are a nonprofit org. now so may be able to advertise for free

Possible future fundraising ideas:
Dinner theatre - movie night at gym (concession stand- candy or pasta dinner)
Car wash ( Walgreens  or McDonalds)
Family fun run
Cartwheel event - related to gymnastics (raise $$ ,donations)
Discount laminated cards to sell - how much for laminated cards?  What will we charge businesses to advertise their discounts ?( example like PTA at schools )

Amazon WGV code for smile links program- tax ID ( need to fix link for people who couldn't find WGV)

Poinsettias - prepay and order deadline ( payment can be made with credit card ) email everyone with deadline dates and forms of payments accepted.

Set up booth or table (at craft show , in house meet and during gym practices) to pay, pre-order, advertise for poinsettias , sell food , concessions and beverages
Need volunteers to man the table at gym for these events.

In house meet fee fundraiser- concession table- Sunday October 12th - times ?
Facebook event- photographer action shots during in house meet to make calendars etc.




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